About Marc

Marc is a Lincolnshire-based artist and has exhibited in the UK and further afield over the past 30 years. 

He has an ongoing interest in non-places and transitional zones whilst using drawing and mixed media.

‘I'm interested in self perpetuity and relentlessness; the broken record with a repetitive sensibility. It's a selfish indulgence to crack the 'same old joke' that was perhaps never really funny in the first place. I find it gratifying to blur the border between humour and sincerity, and to recycle a pun doggedly; devoid of irony and indiscriminately unheeding towards the passage of time or circumstance’.


Artist Statement


I have an ongoing interest in non-places and transitional zones. My local research point is a business park I pass on the way home from work. I’m drawn to service stations, corporate buildings, factories, edgelands, motorways and neglected/forgotten places as they have an anonymity where time appears to stand still for me.

I pause for a moment as I gaze upon a strip of concrete, my eyes scan to a panel of glass containing executives and administrative employees, moving in and out of view like fishes in a well-managed tank. As an outsider, I feel as though I’m wandering around a virtual space, immersed in the transient promise of stillness and escapism. Here I sit, think, draw and dream.

I make work on a tablet and draw on found objects, sometimes leaving them to be found again by an unknown audience.

A small number of works are printed in high definition on aluminium, with others available as archival prints. Selected works become short animations accompanied by drone soundtracks.

I hope to resist the cramp of low-wage work, to drift away from the need to earn. The energy and prolific nature of the work is a form of self perpetuation, its scope a sign of restlessness.

My art often serves as an autobiographical memory tool - from my thoughts about the wider world to my own insecurities. I’m trying to find optimism in the greyness. Hints of light break through the all-encompassing gloom of unpromising skies.